Time for social security. Time for fair study conditions.

Time for digitized universities. Time for mental relief.

VSStÖ - Who we are

We, the Association of Socialist Students (VSStÖ), stand up for a just higher education system. We fight against discrimination, social selection and for the free and open access to higher education at all levels. We stand up for fair study conditions and a real digitalisation of universities.

From the 18th to the 20th of May 2021 you will have the opportunity to vote in the election for the Austrian National Union of Students (ÖH). At the universities of applied sciences you can additionally vote on the 14th and/or the 15th May.

In the past two years, we have fought for social security for all students in the Austrian Students Union (ÖH). As VSStÖ, we set up the Corona hardship fund at the ÖH in spring 2020, with which we can financially support students who have experienced financial problems due to the Corona crisis. We are also consistently working on expanding our service offers and have now produced multilingual information brochures.

Time for social security.

Education is a human right - so is studying. At the moment, however, studying is anything but easy: the allowances are too low. Our study schedules make it impossible to work while studying or to fulfill caring obligations. Our shared flats are also becoming more and more expensive. For many, it is therefore not even conceivable to start studying - many others have to abandon their studies because they can no longer afford it. It is time to finally eliminate these injustices. It is time that studying is finally possible for everyone! So that no one has to choose between a hot meal and studying: It's time for real social security!

Time for:

  • Abolition of tuition fees.
  • Grants that offer real help.
  • Free health insurance for students.
  • Disclosure of salaries at our universities.

What we plan to do:

  • ÖH funds for research on social justice in the educational system.

Time for fair study conditions.

It often seems as if many things in our higher education system are unchangeable. We sit in the same lecture halls as students decades before and probably decades after us. We experience access restrictions, time pressure, inflexible courses and teaching methods from the last century. But all these problems do not have to be part of our everyday life as students. We can and want to achieve real improvements in our studies that really benefit everyone: It's time for fair study conditions.

Time for:

  • Workers' children to the universities.
  • VSStÖ part-time studies
  • Study places for all.
  • Women* advancement plans in all higher education institutions

What we plan to do:

  • ÖH survey & campaign on part-time studies.

Time for digitized universities.

It is time that we finally get the flexibility and freedom of choice in our studies that we urgently need through hybrid studying. Studying during the numerous lockdowns has shown us that continuous distance learning does not work and that there is still a lot of catching up to do in terms of quality. A digitized university should not just be called Distance Learning and that's it. The key of digitalisation can open many doors for us - if it is used correctly. We see the opportunity to democratise universities through digitalisation and to make them more accessible and inclusive: It's time for digitized universities.

Time for:

  • Flexibility through digitalisation.
  • Social security - also digital.
  • Digitized science & research.
  • Free childcare offers for students.

What we plan to do:

  • Digitised ÖH service.

Time for mental relief.

We study to educate ourselves, to develop ourselves and to pursue our talents and interests. But this self-determined claim to education is often completely lost in our studies. Because the government only cares about educating us as quickly as possible and exploiting us for the economy. Our strengths, our health and finally ourselves count for little or nothing in this system. We have long since become mere numbers without a face - and our psyche suffers from this in particular. It is time to call these problems and causes of problems by their names and to break down any taboo. It is time to admit how dangerous the pressure to perform at universities really is - and above all, it is time to solve these problems and finally create a university system free of fear: It's time for psychological relief.

Time for:

  • Free access to psychotherapy.
  • Education instead of training.
  • Fear-free exams.
  • Awareness workshops for lecturers.